The Dr. Guillermo C. De Vega Memorial Library keeps a wealth of data on the Philippine movie industry and its alternative forms. Through the years, the literary print collections in the library have provided a massive source of data for researchers, young and old alike, Filipinos and foreigners, media groups, students and professionals, etc.

The realization that our local cinema has such interesting and valuable heritage motivated Mowelfund to exert more efforts to research, collect, document and preserve such legacy.

In the same manner, the Research Division is constantly monitoring current realities involving the industry toward the local print and broadcast, and/or foreign media that may be relative to the growth or impairment of our local cinema. This move proved very important to the progressive trend of our local print and broadcast media. Only the Mowelfund library carries a comprehensive collection of relevant data.


Ms. Sonia A. Cenidoza (Chief Librarian)

Contact Number

[email protected]
(632) 727 – 1961 / 727-1915

Library Hours

(1pm – 5pm)
Tuesday to Friday

Library Fee

Students: Php 20.00
Professionals/Company: Php 50.00