A Love That Never Parted
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Everybody hopes for it – for a love that lasts through countless wars and stays until those are over, to build a new home and rekindle what was ruined and lost. Lucky are the ones who meet and whose heart strings never break for they know that whenever and wherever, they always choose love. That is what the King and the Queen of Philippine Movies manifested through the years.

Fernando Poe Jr. (FPJ), widely known as Da King, and his wife Susan Roces, met when they both starred in a movie FPJ produced himself, “Ang Daigdig Ko’y Ikaw.” The two didn’t see themselves riding a journey to a timeless romance until their eyes spoke for their hearts during the film.

But just like typical relationships that have quarrels with a tendency to break a bond, the king and the queen weren’t spared. Working in an industry where their lives are effortlessly seen by the eyes and heard by the public, rumors weren’t surprising. But then, as tough as the bamboos that stand through strong winds, the lovers’ affection for each other remained.

Though FPJ allegedly had affairs outside his relationship with Susan, their heart strings would always take a pull and bring them closer, forming a more solid foundation of partnership. She remained his dream girl, his lady, and his only—a quintessential concept of the kind of love that wanders, but never leaves. Susan, with eyes filled with the same love for FPJ as he is to her, became Da King’s pillar. She was beside her king in both his rise and fall. She was his source of strength, his calm in the storm, his warmth in the cold.

The two first married on the December 16th of 1968 through civil rites at the office of then mayor Gerry Angeles in Valenzuela, Bulacan. A church wedding followed on the same year that was held on a lovely Christmas Day.

Though FPJ It is evident how in the passage of time and in the face of demise, FPJ and Susan didn’t really bid farewell, for they had a love that never parted.

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